My Personal Natural Hair Tips

Being born with curly hair is like being born into an entirely different reality; you’re constantly looking after your hair, wasting all your money on unneeded hair products (I plead guilty to this), and more. For the record, we’re not “obsessed” with our hair, we just know how to take care of it and we finally appreciate it!


In the natural hair community, we’re told to avoid a lot of chemicals and such put into our shampoos and conditioners. The main ones are sulfates, silicones, parabens, and alcohols. Definitely, avoid alcohols and parabens (parabens are estrogenic) but sulfate isn’t all that bad. Sulfates do dry out your hair but they also help remove excess product buildup that a sulfate-free shampoo wouldn’t. My advice is to wash with both, doing sulfate once and following up with sulfate-free shampoo so you don’t lose moisture.

Do Not Towel Dry

Towel drying is a very common thing and almost everyone does it, but it causes frizz! Yes, curly hair tends to frizz, it’s natural, but too much frizz is not a good thing. Switch to a cotton T-Shirt, it works the same and doesn’t completely dry out hair (plus it’s cheaper than a microfiber towel)

Focus On Your Hair Type

People tend to forget that everyone’s hair is different! What works for them may not work for you and it all depends on the hair type, density, and porosity. Don’t try to achieve 3A curls with a 4B hair texture. Try searching for YouTubers with your hair type and don’t listen to ones that have little to no knowledge of your hair type.

Volume, Volume, Volume

Most curly heads live for big hair. It’s like their reputation. But what happens when achieving big hair is almost impossible? If you diffuse, try diffusing with cold air towards the end or even all the way through. Using hot air results in more frizz and could possibly cause heat damage in the long run. If you prefer air drying, try using an afro pick or wide tooth comb to gently “pick” out the roots.


I hope these tips helped you,



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